What is Intarsia Knitting?

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Although I don't sell any intarsia knitting patterns, I have enjoyed working in intarsia in the past. I remember once knitting a golfing sweater for a friend with a small golfer in full swing on the front. A very satisfying process, and my friend loved it!

Intarsia knitting

I've also tackled a very pleasurable 'knit as I go' coat using an intarsia technique of large blocks of colours and stitches. That was fun! :)

 Intarsia knitting

So what actually is intarsia?

Intarsia is the technique of decorating a surface with inlaid patterns. Used in knitting, patterns are created in different colours within a single thickness of fabric.

It is a knitting technique that allows you to create various blocks of colour without having to carry the yarn across the back of the knitting (as you would do with fair isle work).

Intarsia can be done with hand knitting and also on a machine, either manually or with an intarsia carriage.

Intarsia knitting

It's a good idea to use separate small balls of yarn for each of the colour sections.

You will need to plan out your design on a knitting chart to follow where the colours change across each row.

A square within the chart represents one stich.

Knitting charts are a great way of seeing how the finished pattern will look visually.

And, fortunately for the beginner, there are lots of videos on YouTube that teach the process of Intarsia.


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 Happy knitting!

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