How to find the Right Style for your Body Shape


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I had a really interesting reply from Roslyn to my email last week... "Why choose that shape?"

Roslyn already knows what she likes in a knitwear design pattern. She knows what style of design suits her. She says: "I suit short coats /boleros. So the length is important to me."

Do you know what styles suit you the best? The length? The shapes? The pattern? Would you be keen to learn how to find out?


Body Shapes
Well, I did some study into our various body shapes some time back.

I looked at what the basic body shapes were, how to work out our own individual body shape, and what styles would therefore be suitable to each of us.

If you're interested in learning what Roslyn has discovered along the way, then why not read my recent book: 'Love Your Body. What to Wear for your Body Shape'?
Love Your Body

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