Colour and Shape in Knitting


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I wonder?...What do you look at first when choosing a design to knit? The colour or the shape? Or the way it works?

Do you think about a colour that suits your skin colouring? Or do you choose a style that will flatter your body shape? Or do you just love the design?

As a designer and pattern publisher, I am fascinated by colour, but I am also conscious of the fact that my choice of colour may not suit everyone’s taste. I quite often choose neutral colours for my pattern designs for this reason. The style then becomes more important than the colour.

I've chosen a few examples to demonstrate how the shape stands out with neutral colours...just click on the pictures for the link to the patterns.
Boho Waistcoat machine knitting pattern
Let me explain...
  • The Retro Jacket hand knitting pattern is a chic stylish jacket with stand up collar. Very retro and a power statement style.
  • The Pretty & Plain Smock Top machine knitting pattern is flowy, feminine, summery and light. A fine, silky fabric is created with the yarn to show off these features.
  • With the Snow Sweater hand knitting pattern....asymmetry, cables and a comfy style cowl neck are all obvious.
  • The Oxo Sweater hand knitting pattern is knitted in differing panels, the stitch seam is wrong side out to add to the 'quirk', and the sloppy casual shape is the most important feature of this design.
  • The Boho Waistcoat is a simple number with no frills, and fits as it fits!

No need to give colour ideas when the design says it all.

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