How to knit a no roll edge for machine knitters

For machine knitters who have a chunky machine, I designed this knitting pattern for the Sugar & Spice Jacket.

The plain half was knitted in a chunky cream boucle yarn. For the colourful half, I used James C. Brett Marble in chunky. I'm impressed by the gorgeous colour combinations in this yarn!

You'll notice that I have knitted the edging to both halves in the James Brett yarn.

This was done using my new 'no roll' edge technique. If you ever got to read my article in Machine Knitting Monthly about this, you will know how I came across this method!

But if not, then we all know, as machine knitters, that this is golden!

That's why I created a short video so that I could share my discovery with you.

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Happy knitting! Here's my video...Please come back and feel free to visit my shop to see my knitting patterns...
Marianne x

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