How to Personalise your Knitwear Video Tutorial


You know how great it felt when you gave your first hand knitted gift to a loved one - how excited they were and how good that felt?

Can you imagine the extra thrill if you could personalise it too?!

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The 27 minute online video tutorial that teaches you how to personalise your own knitwear in a neat and professional way. 

How to Personalise your Knitwear Video Tutorial
In this tutorial you'll discover how to: -
  • Plan your project with Marianne's simple methods
  • Do the calculations for placing your letters/numbers into your garment - don't worry about the maths!
  • Transfer your calculated letters/numbers into your garment in the correct place with ease
  • Knit in your letters/numbers in a neat and professional way - discovering some neat knitting skills along the way
  • 27 minutes tuition
How to Personalise your Knitwear Video Tutorial
How to Personalise your Knitwear Video Tutorial
How to Personalise your Knitwear Video Tutorial
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Marianne is giving away these 8 templates of different letter and number styles and sizes when your purchase this tutorial. 


A knitting chart template for you to do your project calculations. Download and print off as many times as you like for each of your projects.

You will get the template for:

  1. Calligraphy Letter Style
  2. Fat Letter Style
  3. Lower Case Letter Style
  4. Slim Letter Style
  5. Large Sized Numbers
  6. Medium Sized Numbers
  7. Small Sized Numbers
  8. Knitting Chart Work Sheet


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What others are saying:

Anne Lavene Machine Knitwear Designer

"Marianne is clearly an experienced, machine and hand knitwear designer, having looked at her extensive range of products and knitwear tutorials! I’m interested in hand knitting for the first time in my life. Looking forward to her helpful, with clear, simple video instructions! Well worth taking a look at what she is offering, glad I did."

Jackie Joddrell Crafter and Artist

"I can't tell you just how much I've enjoyed this absolutely informative knitting utopia website. I love it! More please!"

Lois Gordon Retired Government Worker/Knitter

"I’ve really enjoyed this service and wonderful designs. The instructions are clear, so easy to follow and I have learnt so much from the inspiration and support. Many thanks Marianne!"

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